Cocaine Trafficking Arrest

NEWS RELEASE 18-169 - OCTOBER 18, 2018
Lozado-Avalos, Jose

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office charged a Sarasota man with Trafficking in Cocaine after he attempted to flush drugs while detectives executed a search warrant on his home.
On October 11, detectives executed a search warrant at 3140 Claude Lane, the home of 39-year-old Jose Lozado-Avalos. When detectives entered, Lozado-Avalos was seen running into the bathroom where detectives soon realized he was attempting to flush drugs. The bathroom floor became flooded and a vacuum-sealed bag of cocaine was located next to the toilet. Detectives collected the bag and cocaine mixture from the toilet, which in total, weighed more than 1,250 grams. After further search of Lozado-Avalos’ home, detectives recovered another 18 grams of cocaine and nearly $17,000 in cash.
Lozado-Avalos, DOB 08/18/79, is charged with Trafficking in Cocaine, Possession of Cocaine with Intent to Distribute and Evidence Destroying. He was released Wednesday night on $50,000 bond.