Youth Services

IMG_8026 copyOur Youth Services Section is comprised of 12 School Safety Deputies who are assigned to various private and charter schools throughout Sarasota County. The school safety deputy role is to ensure the safety, security, and welfare of all students, faculty, staff and visitors in their assigned school. Deputies patrol their campuses to deter, detect, report and stop violations of the law and/or school board policies. School safety deputies also participate on threat assessment teams and attend afterschool events as needed. The youth services section engages the youth of Sarasota County through the Teen Driver Challenge and the Rightful Policing Strategy Workshops.

IMG_4548 copyThe Teen Driver Challenge was developed by the Florida Sheriff’s Association to take a proactive approach to reduce automobile fatalities among the highest at-risk group of drivers (16-19) years of age. The course is taught by law enforcement officers and incorporates classroom instruction as well as practical (behind the wheel driving) training. The course is 8 hours long and held on Saturdays. The behind-the-wheel instruction includes nine different driving courses. 

IMG_4649 copyThe purpose of this workshop is to provide a unique opportunity for a “hands-on” learning and networking experience with Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office personnel. Students partner with personnel and go through an array of mock scenarios giving them a chance to experience what an officer goes through during an average shift. The workshop is limited to guests 13-17 years old.