Hiring Off-Duty Deputies

Deputies are available for private hire during their off-duty hours at the request of citizens, organizations and businesses. These deputies can assist the community by providing law enforcement services relating to crowd control, traffic control and security.

Deputies may be hired for the following:

  • Civic celebrations
  • Construction sites
  • Job safety
  • Private functions
  • Social events
  • Store sales events

 *Sarasota County may require you have a permit for your event. Please check with Sarasota County Planning and Development Services to see if a permit is required.

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office reserves the right to refuse or cancel off-duty work assignments that are in conflict with the law or values of the Sheriff’s Office. Furthermore, the Sheriff’s Office may recall the deputies for official duty when necessary for community safety.

RATES CURRENT AS OF APRIL 22, 2021                 

Public Service Aide (civilian)     $35.00 per hr.                           
Deputy     $43.00 per hr.  
Specialty Unit     + $10 per hr. (K-9, Hazardous Devices, Mounted Patrol, Marine)    

Sergeant     $51.00 per hr.                                                                      
Lieutenant     $60.00 per hr.                                                                  
Marked Vehicle*     + $10.00 per hr. (per vehicle)                                                   
Marine Unit (Boat)**     + $50.00 per hr. (per vessel)                                             

4 hour minimum – An employee can work less than 4 hours but must be paid for 4 hours
When five (5), but less than ten (10) deputies are required for a detail, one (1) sergeant shall be required. Additional sergeants shall be required for each squad of five (5) deputies thereafter. For details requiring (2-4) sergeants, (1) lieutenant shall be required. For details requiring (5) or more sergeants (2) lieutenants shall be required. For example;

5-9 deputies= 1 sergeant
10-14 deputies= 2 sergeant and 1 lieutenant
15-19 deputies= 3 sergeants and 1 lieutenant
20-24 deputies= 4 sergeant and 1 lieutenant
2-4 sergeants=1 lieutenant
5 or more sergeants= 2 lieutenants

*A marked unit is required for traffic-related details.
**When utilizing the sheriff's office Marine Unit, an additional $53 fee will be charged for cleaning/maintenance per event. 

We now accept credit card payments via GovPayNet.com. (A service fee applies to each transaction and is reflected in the schedule below). Please use PLC (pay location code) a001wq

DO NOT MAKE A PAYMENT until you have an invoice number from the Special Detail Office.

                                                                     GovPayNet Service Fee Schedule

Based upon the size or type of event, the Sheriff’s Office may require additional deputies be hired to ensure the safety of deputies and civilians.

Procedure for hiring an off-duty deputy is as follows:

  1. Download the attached contract or contact Special Detail Coordinator Anne Barrett at 941.861.4082 or email at specialdetails@sarasotasheriff.org for a copy of the contract.

  2. Complete the contract and return to the office of the Special Detail Coordinator. You may email a scanned copy to specialdetails@sarasotasheriff.org **NOTE** Requests submitted less than seven days in advance may not be completed.

  3. Upon receipt of the contract, the Special Detail Coordinator will contact you in order to verify the information and obtain specific details.

  4. Each contract must be approved prior to final acceptance through the Special Operations Bureau Commander or his/her designee.

2021 Special Detail Contract