Man Arrested for False Imprisonment


NEWS RELEASE #: 17-133 - JUNE 7, 2017

Isidro Espina-Aquino_2ae67b415f5dccc8334c64547e164b6e
Isidro Espina-Aquino

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office arrested Isidro A. Espina-Aquino for Domestic Battery, False Imprisonment, and Violation of an Injunction for Protection.

In the early morning hours of June 6, Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the 5400 block of Stone Haven Lane, Sarasota, for what was originally reported as a disturbance. Detectives investigated the incident and determined that Espina-Aquino had forcibly restrained a female acquaintance within her own home since June 1, by tying her up and taping the interior door handles shut. Espina-Aquino also forced the victim to ingest a Xanax pill and threatened to inject her with a substance called Dilaudid. When Espina-Aquino fell asleep, the victim was able to free herself and escaped her own residence but not before Espina-Aquino became aware and chased after her. The victim made it to a neighbor's house as Espina-Aquino grabbed her and tried to force her back to her residence. However, the neighbor was able to rescue the victim and pull her into their residence where they then called 911.