Retrieving Property

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office is holding money, jewelry, phones, wallets, tools, bikes, and other valuables turned in as found.  If not claimed by owners, the items shall be destroyed per FSS 705.103 call 941-861-4170.


IMG_6270_94b7bd20c36d8dcafb9f8beaef27d3b8 To retrieve property being held by the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office, the Property/Evidence Section requires that you provide proof of ownership, if applicable, and a driver's license as personal identification. If possible, please bring the Sheriff's Office Case Number to assist us in expediting your request.

Please keep in mind that the Evidence Section is merely a holding facility and Property personnel do not make the sole decision regarding whether or not your property can be released. Releases are based on various levels of authorization and property will only be released with the required authorization. Personnel is not authorized to release property to anyone other than an owner without a limited power of attorney. 

The Property Section is open Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. For more information contact 941.861.4170.


At times, the Sheriff's Office is tasked with maintaining firearms for a multitude of reasons. When receiving a request for the return of a firearm the Property Section adheres to Florida State Statutes 790.08 and 705 and applicable federal law.

If an arrest has been made on the case the individual requesting the firearm should contact the State Attorney's Office and request a Release Authorization be forwarded to the Sheriff's Office Property Section. Once that is completed the owner/claimant must contact the Property Section at 941-861-4170 to provide additional personal information. Property will then contact the owner and make an appointment to retrieve the firearm.

If the firearm was taken for safekeeping or was found property and no arrest has been made on the case the owner/claimant will contact the Property Section directly at the above phone number. The Property Section will request additional personal information from you and forward a request for release to the Deputy or Detective associated with the case. The Property Section will contact the owner and make an appointment to retrieve the firearm.

When retrieving any property from the Property Section please have a photo ID/Identification card or passport. Please note no bond money shall be accepted on found firearms.