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Welcome to the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office Citizen Online Reporting System.

Please remember it is a crime to file a false police report. Any person who knowingly gives false information to a law enforcement officer concerning the alleged commission of any crime, commits a misdemeanor of the first degree pursuant to section 837.05(1)(a), Fla. Stat. 

Using this online citizen reporting system allows you to submit a report immediately and obtain an unofficial copy of the police report for your records. Before using the online reporting system, be aware that the incident must meet the following conditions:

  • This is NOT an emergency.
  • This incident occurred within Sarasota County, Florida. If the incident occurred within the city limits of Sarasota, Venice, or North Port, you would need to report the incident to the appropriate agency.
  • There are no known suspects. (This means that neither you nor someone else knows the person who committed the crime or their location).
  • You must be 18 years of age or older to file an online report.
  • You must have a valid return e-mail address.
Make sure you have the following information to submit your report:
  • When the incident happened (date and time).
  • Where the incident occurred (address, location, and name of business if applicable).
  • Who is reporting this incident (name, date of birth, contact information).
  • Who is involved in this incident (name, date of birth, contact information).
  • If this report involves property, describe the property (make, model, serial number if known, description, estimated value, etc.).
Incidents that can be reported online:
  • Check forgery
  • Fraudulent use of a credit card
  • Identity theft
  • Lost property (no prescriptions or controlled substances) 
  • Online/phone scam
  • Property damage (non criminal)
  • Self-checkout scam
  • Theft (no prescriptions or controlled substances)
  • Theft from vehicle (no prescriptions or controlled substances)
  • Vandalism
Section 316.065, Florida Statutes, requires the driver of a vehicle involved in a crash involving injury or death to a person, or at least $500 estimated vehicle or property damage, to immediately contact local law enforcement. Otherwise, you can complete a “Driver Report of Traffic Crash (Self Report)” or “Driver Exchange of Information” online or download the form at and submit it to the address on the form.

What to expect after your report has been submitted:
  • You will see the words "Your report has been submitted". This means your online report has been received by the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office online reporting system.
  • Your report will automatically be assigned a Temporary Report Number. You will be able to immediately print a copy of the temporary report.
  • A deputy from the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office may contact you for more information.
  • All submitted reports will be reviewed.
  • Once your report has received initial approval, it will be issued a case number, and you will receive a PDF copy as an attachment in your email.
Reports that do not meet online reporting criteria are rejected. If this happens, you will receive an e-mail notifying you of the reason your online report was not accepted.

Requesting Official Report Copies:
  • If you need an official copy of the police report that you filed online, please contact the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office Records Section at or 941.861.4025.
If you do not wish to file an online police report but instead wish to report an incident to the non-emergency line, please call: 941.316.1201.

Information Required For Online Reports

Check Forgery (white)Fraudulent Use of Credit Card (white)

Identity Theft (white)Online_Phone Scam (white)

Self Check Out Scam (white)Theft (white)

Theft From a Vehicle NEW(white)Vandalism (white)

Property Damage (white)Lost Property (white)

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If you are having issues with the online reporting system or completing a report, please call 941.316.1201.