Operation School Zone Safety

NEWS RELEASE 19-069 - APRIL 23, 2019
2019 Op School Zone Safety
The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office is participating in an initiative this week in partnership with the Florida Sheriffs Association to enhance the safety of students in school zones.
From April 22 to April 26, deputies in Sarasota County and across the state of Florida will be closely monitoring school zones to increase public awareness about the safety of students traveling to and from school. Children are walking and riding their bikes, using crosswalks, and getting on and off buses in neighborhoods and busy roadways. While school crossing guards are in place to maintain the safety of pedestrians, it is important all motorists use extra caution and obey speed limits.
Throughout the week, the sheriff’s office will post safety reminders on electronic sign boards in active school zones and high traffic areas. Traffic laws will be strictly enforced, with special attention given to bicycle and pedestrian violations, and drivers failing to stop for school bus signals. Motorists must stop for all school buses when the stop sign is out and lights are flashing, even if the bus is on the opposite side of the street, unless a raised or grassy median divides the road.
“Drivers should always be vigilant and never allow distractions to take their eyes off the road,” said Sheriff Tom Knight. “The greater risk is not to your wallet but to the life and safety of a child, so slow down and pay even closer attention when driving before and after school.”