Nanny Charged with Child Abuse

NEWS RELEASE 19-063 - APRIL 11, 2019

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office arrested a nanny for Child Abuse after she left two children under her care with multiple bruises.
Detectives launched an investigation Friday when they were contacted by two Sarasota parents who believed their children may have been abused by 25-year-old Sarai Rivera. According to the parents, they left their 8-month-old and 2-year-old children with Rivera, who regularly babysits for their family. When the parents returned home, they noticed bruising on both children. During a forensic exam, nurses confirmed the bruising was not accidental but consistent with intentional grabbing and pinching. During an interview with detectives, Rivera admitted she grabbed the 8-month-old child by the chin and whipped her with a towel twice in the face, to get the infant to stop crying. Rivera also admitted the bruise caused to the 2-year-old may have been from pinching or sucking on his neck too hard. Rivera disclosed she was intoxicated on the evening the incident took place.
Rivera, DOB 02/12/94, of 3006 Markridge Road, was charged Tuesday night with two counts of Child Abuse. Today she remains in protective custody.