Detectives Arrest Four in Strong Arm Robbery

NEWS RELEASE 19-062 - APRIL 10, 2019

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office arrested four people in connection with a strong arm robbery that left a man beaten in a Sarasota parking lot.
Deputies initially responded to the 3700 block of Cattlemen Road in Sarasota Sunday just after 12:30 p.m., for the report of a strong arm robbery. According to the victim, he coordinated the online purchase of an iPhone through the popular “Let Go” app, a mobile application created for buying and selling items secondhand. When the victim arrived and made contact with the seller, he handed the seller $400 in return for the phone. The seller accepted the cash then tried to steal the phone back before pepper-spraying and repeatedly striking the victim in his head and face. The seller then fled the scene in a gold Buick sedan driven by another male, along with two passengers. A media release was issued to the public and a BOLO issued for the suspects and vehicle.

Through investigation, detectives identified the subscriber to the Let Go app who posted the iPhone for sale, as Taylor Henderson, DOB 12/05/00, of Sarasota. A witness at the scene reported seeing a female in the vehicle matching Henderson’s description, counting the stolen cash as the suspects fled. Detectives also located the vehicle used in the robbery and identified the driver as Marvin Jones, DOB 02/19/01, and main suspect who beat the victim, as Brandon Reddish, DOB 02/20/00. The other passenger in the vehicle was identified as Henderson’s boyfriend, Jordan Jackson, DOB 12/19/00, also of Sarasota.

Henderson, of 7619 37th St. Cir. E., is charged with Principal to Armed Robbery. She was arrested Tuesday and is being held without bond.

Jones, of 2620 S. 23rd St., Unit 104, Sarasota, is charged with Principal to Armed Robbery. He was arrested Tuesday and is being held without bond.

Reddish, of 3022 22nd St., Sarasota, is charged with Armed Robbery, Displaying a Weapon During the Commission of a Felony, and Battery. He was arrested Tuesday and is being held without bond.

Jackson, of 2228 25th St., is charged with Principal to Armed Robbery. He was arrested Tuesday and is being held on $50,000 bond.

“This was an extremely scary situation for the victim in this case who ultimately did the right thing by conducting the transaction in a public place,” commented Sheriff Tom Knight. “We are relieved the victim was not more seriously injured and grateful there were witnesses who helped piece together a timeline of events which put these four people behind bars. It is a sad day when defendants who are this young decide to take advantage of someone and end up with a felony charge on their record.”