Focused Initiative Yields 11 Drug Arrests

NEWS RELEASE 17-220 - OCTOBER 9, 2017
Graphic with Mugs

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office arrested 11 people in connection with the agency’s ongoing efforts to combat the distribution of illicit narcotics including heroin, fentanyl, carfentanil, methamphetamine, morphine, and cocaine.

Special Investigation Section detectives launched their investigation in June utilizing undercover buys to purchase illegal drugs. As a result, detectives and deputies within the Tactical Unit (TAC) identified and subsequently arrested 11 people for charges related to the sale and possession of narcotics. Wanted on two counts of Sale of Methamphetamine, detectives are still looking for Christopher McCausland, DOB 10/14/84, of North Port. Including McCausland, those arrested have more than 200 prior felony charges and more than 60 felony convictions. The following people were arrested during the investigation:

Haylee Bourdier, DOB 08/19/96, of 5781 Oxalis Road, Venice, is charged with two counts of Sale of Cocaine.

Mario Charles, DOB 11/01/90, of 1715 35th Street, Sarasota, is charged with two counts of Sale of Heroin, Sale of Rock Cocaine, and Sale of Heroin within 1,000 feet of a place of Worship.

Jamarcus Charles, DOB 03/21/95, of 802 Forrest Street, Nokomis, is charged with three counts of Sale of Cocaine within 1,000 feet of a Convenience Business and unlawful Use of a Two-Way Communication Device.

Michael Evans, DOB 09/21/74, of 8148 Silke Road, North Port, is charged with three counts of Sale of Morphine.

Lucas Grant, DOB 03/19/90, of 3352 Eagle Pass Street, North Port, is charged with Contempt of Court related to Possession of Narcotic Equipment.

Sheila Lampe, DOB 10/07/95, of 4201 Blossom Road, Venice, is charged with Sale of Methamphetamine.

James Lawson Jr., DOB 04/18/91, of 802 Forrest Street, Nokomis, is charged with Principle to the Sale of Cocaine.

Todd Reaves, DOB 11/07/85, of 3043 North Maple Avenue, Sarasota, is charged with four counts of Sale of Carfentanil within 1,000 feet of a Business.

Omar Simmons, DOB 07/13/82, of 4023 Kincord Lane, North Port, is charged with Possession of Rock cocaine and Possession of Narcotic Equipment.

Norbert Simon, DOB 12/31/66, of 45 West Fray Street, Englewood, was arrested on a warrant from Charlotte County for Violation of Probation: Possession of Methamphetamine.

Kevin Whitehead, DOB 11/21/90, of 3118 Lockwood Terrace, Sarasota, is charged with Sale of Fentanyl.

“By dealing these substances, criminals are essentially dealing death sentences,” said Sheriff Tom Knight. “Through our pragmatic approach of combating this epidemic, initiatives like these are all about enforcement. We identify the dealers, infiltrate their networks and as a result, take deadly drugs off the streets of Sarasota County.”

Since 2015, detectives have investigated more than 400 opioid and heroin-related overdoses including 32 opioid-related deaths, in 2017 alone. These focused investigations are representative of the agency’s ongoing commitment to disrupting Sarasota County’s heroin and opioid sale and distribution networks and to further investigate, arrest, and prosecute those criminals.