Crime Scene Analyst

Conduct crime scene investigations to locate, identify, preserve, photograph/fully document, and prepare collected evidence to establish and maintain chain of custody and for submission to crime laboratories for analysis. Prepare cast impressions of footwear, tool, and tire impressions. Locate, develop, preserve, and collect latent prints at crime scenes using fuming techniques, powders, chemicals, photographic techniques, and alternate light sources. Process evidence in the lab with sequential processing for latent prints, collect DNA, and use advanced photographic techniques including UV/IR to document evidence/persons. Prepare crime scene sketches by hand and/or computer aided. Attend autopsy to photograph, collect, document, and package all evidence obtained from decedents. Prepare crime scene investigation reports to document findings and involvement and testify in depositions and court proceedings regarding these matters. Participate in community events. Perform other related duties as required.

Salary range upon hire:  $46,612 - $54,612 (determined by acceptable prior related experience).
Long-term salary cap:  $68,612.

  • Associates degree or higher in crime scene technology, forensic science, or other physical or natural science.
  • Four (4) years related work experience.
  • Ability to complete tasks regardless of weather or temperature and around foul odor and insects/pests.
  • Demonstrate adequate skills regarding evidence collection and handling techniques.
  • Respond to calls during off duty hours with little to no advanced notice with willingness to work extended hours.
  • Ability to work unsupervised after the completion of appropriate training, completing complex tasks and procedures with minimal or no guidance.
  • Ability to obtain IAI CCSI certification within one year of employment.
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills, demonstrating awareness for human diversity to citizens and colleagues.