Crime Analyst

This is advanced specialized work in the analysis of crime data and trends within the Investigations Bureau. Employees in this class are responsible for analyzing crime reports, compiling statistics, and developing predictive trends of criminal offenders and of crimes in targeted geographical areas. Tasks are evaluated by a Sworn Section Lieutenant for efficient and effective completion of assigned responsibilities and for conformance with departmental policies and procedures.

Salary range upon hire: $46,612 - $54,612 (determined by acceptable prior related experience).
Long-term salary cap: $68,612.

  • Associates degree or higher in a related field.
  • Four (4) years related work experience.
  • Ability to multi-task in a dynamic and rapidly changing environment.
  • Fluent in Microsoft Excel, Access, Power Point and Word along with Arc GIS mapping software. Must be able to pass a computer use test.
  • Ability to effectively communicate both verbally and written, along with creating and delivering presentations to both the agency and the public.
  • Collect, compile, analyze and interpret criminal intelligence data using modern crime analysis techniques for the purpose of highlighting trends and forecasting hotspot locations for crime and criminal activity.
  • Develop and prioritize problem areas, top offenders and crime projects and recommend strategies for law enforcement response.
  • Monitor local, regional, and national crime trends and act as a departmental liaison with other law enforcement agencies on criminal intelligence matters.
  • Prepare maps and charts such as link analysis, time flow, commodity flow, telephone toll, and other computerized charts to clarify and organize information for further investigation and/or determine strategic solutions to reduce crime.
  • The candidate must be willing and able to attend various training schools and conferences, both local and non-local.