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Answer emergency and non-emergency telephones. Operators must listen accurately and record the information provided by citizens, police, fire, and medical personnel and be able to accurately relay this information to the appropriate person often called upon to make decisions quickly, accurately, and effectively. Must be self-motivated and work well as a part of a team. To be successful you must be able to perform multiple tasks, at times under stressful conditions. As a condition of continued employment, the 9-1-1 Public Safety Telecommunicator Training Program must be completed, and the Florida Certification exam must be passed within 11 1/2 months of appointment to the position.

Operator 3 – Call Taker:  $61,181 - $86,349 (overall minimum/maximum salary). Salary is based on 12-hours shifts and on prior related experience, which must be approved and is determined by agency policy.
$63,469 with 24 months of experience. Salary based on 12-hour shifts.
$65,757 with 48 months of experience. Salary based on 12-hour shifts. 
$68,045 with 72 months of experience. Salary based on 12-hour shifts. 
$70,333 with 96 months of experience. Salary based on 12-hour shifts. 
Additional $1500 per year for night shift differential.

  • High School Diploma or equivalent. An applicant who does not possess at least sixty (60) college credits from an accredited institution must successfully complete the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test.
  • Must be 18 years of age.
  • Must pass Oral Board interview.
  • Must pass typing test at 40 WPM.
  • Must submit to a complete background investigation, polygraph, and psychological evaluation and found to be of good moral character.
  • Must adhere to Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office Drug Free and Tobacco Free policy.

Work Schedule:
Shift Work – 24 hours per day/7 days per week, including weekends and holidays. Work assignments also during hurricane, evacuation, or other states of emergency. 12-hour shifts assigned to either day shift (0700-1900) or night shift (1900-0700).

Operator 3 (Call Taker) training will begin with a 6-week academy (classroom style) to include one week of EMD/EFD certification training and 16 weeks of field training. Please note: 8-hour shifts/40-hour work week during 6-week academy. Salary is $26.74 per hour/$55,619 annually based on 8-hour shifts.

During the first year of employment Operators will receive certifications in the following:

  • 9-1-1 Public Safety Telecommunicator Florida Certification
  • Emergency Medical Dispatch Certification (EMD)
  • Emergency Fire Dispatch Certification (EFD)
  • CPR Certification
  • FCIC/NCIC Certification

Please contact Human Resources at 941.861.4140, or if you have any questions.


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