Duo Arrested for Selling Cocaine

                                                                                                              NEWS RELEASE #: 17-039 - FEBRUARY 10, 2017

The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office arrested a man and a woman Thursday morning on felony drug charges after they sold cocaine to undercover detectives.

The investigation began in January when Special Investigation Section detectives met with 39-year-old Michael Byrd at his home at 4938 Nutmeg Avenue in Sarasota to purchase cocaine. Days later, detectives arranged another meeting with Byrd, who had 25-year-old Ashley Polk sell detectives cocaine in his absence. On Thursday detectives executed arrest warrants for Byrd and Polk, as well as a search warrant for the home. Detectives found a piece of rock cocaine and 465.2 grams of marijuana in Byrd's bedroom.

Byrd has 19 prior arrests in Sarasota County including Domestic Battery, numerous drug crimes, and traffic violations. Polk has prior charges for Battery and Larceny.

Byrd is charged with Sale of Cocaine: Schedule II (Principle), Sale of Cocaine: Schedule II, Possession of Cocaine, and Possession of Marijuana. He was released Thursday evening on $33,000 bond. Polk, also of 4938 Nutmeg Avenue, is charged with Cocaine Distribution: Schedule II. She was released Thursday afternoon on $15,000 bond.

Byrd Michael_9a32141d6a8227e5a284587b43c4fe7d
Michael Byrd

Polk Ashley_43152573984f5aa589d57f9e1e7c2ce0
Ashley Polk