Drug Trafficking Arrest

NEWS RELEASE #: 16-142

The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office arrested two people on drug charges after detectives found nearly a kilo of cocaine in their vehicle Friday afternoon.

After developing information that a package containing cocaine would be delivered to a home in the 2700 block of Jay Place in Sarasota on Friday, detectives began surveillance in the area. Around 2:30 p.m., a suspect was seen exiting a vehicle and running towards the home where the package had been delivered. Detectives watched as the suspect carried the package back to the car and sped away. Minutes later, while performing a traffic stop, detectives seized the drugs and arrested the driver, 26-year-old Alan Acosta-Mata and his cousin, 17-year-old Yestel Guerrero-Mata.

Guerrero-Mata, DOB 10/22/98, of 3207 Eagles Street, Sarasota, is charged with Trafficking in Cocaine More than 400 Grams, and Acosta-Mata, DOB 02/23/90, of 2095 Hillview Street Unit 6, Sarasota, is charged with Principle to Trafficking in Cocaine More than 400 Grams. Guerrero-Mata was released to the Department of Juvenile Justice while Acosta-Mata remains in custody without bond. Both have a history of felony drug charges.
Alan Acosta-Mata_07182016 Yestel Guerrero-07182016