Siblings Arrested on Fentanyl Charges

                                                                                                                NEWS RELEASE #: 16-176 - SEPTEMBER 23, 2016

The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office arrested a brother and sister from Sarasota after they sold detectives fentanyl during an undercover operation.

Special Investigation Section detectives met with Gretchen Krause, DOB 07/17/71, on Thursday to purchase $200 worth of fentanyl. When Krause didn't have enough to sell, she asked detectives to take her to her supplier and brother, Peter Krause, DOB 10/07/67, where she obtained and sold 1.4 grams to detectives. That evening when detectives executed a search warrant on Peter's hotel room, they seized an additional 142 grams of fentanyl. Gretchen was later arrested during a felony traffic stop where detectives seized 2 more grams of the drug.

Gretchen Krause is charged with Possession of Fentanyl with Intent to Sell and Sale of Fentanyl. Her extensive criminal history includes Grand Theft Auto, Prostitution, Credit Card Fraud, and drug possession. She remains in custody on $57,500 bond. Peter Krause is also charged with Possession of Fentanyl with Intent to Sell and Principle to Sale of Fentanyl. He is being held on $82,500 bond. Krause has been arrested dozens of times in Sarasota for Trafficking in Cocaine, Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer, drug possession and more.

This investigation is one of many that detectives are working in the fight to rid Sarasota County of the deadly drug.
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