Sex Offender Registration

                                                                                                               NEWS RELEASE #: 16-179 - SEPTEMBER 26, 2016

The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office is advising the public that Krystal Jane Blanks, DOB 12/25/81, has registered as a Sexual Offender living in Sarasota County.

Blanks was convicted of Promotion of Prostitution in Tennessee in 2016 and sentenced to probation. She just moved to Sarasota County and reports her new address is 1055 41st Street, Sarasota. Blanks is currently under the supervision of the Department of Corrections until February 2017 and is not allowed to live within 1,000 feet of a school, childcare facility, park or playground.

This information is posted on the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office website, agency Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to publicly notify citizens of sex offenders and predators who register a Sarasota County address for the first time, when moving into the county or following a release from prison. Citizens should still sign up to receive notifications from FDLE of sex offenders and predator registrations.
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