Sheriff Tom Knight Holds Awards Ceremony

                                                                                                               NEWS RELEASE #: 16-197 - OCTOBER 28, 2016

Maio_Knight De_Leo_Martin_Knight Perozo_Martin_Knight
Sheriff Tom Knight presents Life Saving Awards to Deputies Adam Maio, Mike De Leo, Shaun Martin, Esterlin Perozo and Robbie Martin.

Sheriff Tom Knight presented several awards during a ceremony Friday to recognize employees who have demonstrated exemplary service to the community.

Deputies Adam Maio and Dustin Bell received the Life Saving Award for successfully intervening in a man's attempt to commit suicide. Maio and Bell responded to a welfare check after the victim's girlfriend reported he made suicidal statements. When deputies arrived, and no one answered the front door, they made entrance through the rear of the home. Deputies searched room by room and finally found the victim in the last bedroom's closet. When deputies saw the victim had already acted on his suicidal threats by hanging himself, they rushed to safely bring the unconscious man to the ground. As the deputies removed the victim's restraint, he appeared to begin breathing, but also began seizing for a few seconds. Shortly after, he regained full consciousness and was taken by EMS to the hospital. Deputies Maio and Bell are credited with giving the man a second chance at life. *Deputy Bell was recognized at a ceremony in July.

Deputies Mike De Leo and Shaun Martin also received the Life Saving Award for helping save a 21-year-old man who overdosed. When Deputy Martin arrived on scene, the man was unresponsive, not breathing and had no pulse. Martin immediately deployed his agency-issued naloxone auto-injector and tried a sternum rub to wake the patient. Deputy De Leo then arrived and also deployed naloxone, causing the man to regain consciousness. EMS personnel responded and continued life-saving efforts, eventually transporting the patient to Sarasota Memorial Hospital. Deputies later learned that the victim had taken Xanax, Oxycodone and heroin. Medical personnel confirmed that the actions taken by deputies Martin and De Leo undoubtedly saved the man's life.

Deputies Robbie Martin, Esterlin Perozo and Joseph Scibelli also received the Life Saving Award for their efforts in bringing a man back to life after he overdosed on heroin. Deputy Martin was first to arrive on scene where he discovered the man lying lifeless on the garage floor and immediately deployed his agency-issued naloxone. Deputy Perozo then arrived and aided with chest compressions while Martin deployed a second dose of naloxone. Deputy Scibelli also responded and assisted with rescue breathing for close to five minutes until the Sarasota County Fire Department arrived. Just as paramedics entered the home, the man regained consciousness and was transported to Doctor's Hospital. Thanks to the quick action of deputies Martin, Perozo and Scibelli, the man was given a second chance at life.

"I am remarkably proud of each of these deputies and they should know that their actions don't go unnoticed," said Sheriff Knight. "Keeping in line with our values and commitment to public safety, these men embody exactly what it means to serve with the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office."