Prolific Offender Arrested for Armed Robbery

                                                                                                                NEWS RELEASE #: 16-211 - NOVEMBER 22, 2016

The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office arrested 26 year old Devin Acquisto early Monday morning after he robbed a person walking home from work at gunpoint.

Deputies first responded to a report made by the victim around 7 p.m. on Monday. According to the victim, a man wearing a scarf around his face approached him in the parking lot near the 5800 block of Bee Ridge Road. The suspect, later identified as Devin Acquisto, DOB 8/14/90, threatened the victim with a firearm and demanded the victim's "tip money". The victim gave Acquisto his wallet and backpack. During the robbery, Acquisto's scarf fell from his face and afterwards he ran away. The victim told deputies that Acquisto is a known acquaintance and was at Steak 'n Shake earlier in the evening where he saw him receive his tip money from the manager. Deputies discovered that Acquisto was previously employed at the same Steak 'n Shake and made regular visits to the restaurant. While investigating the scene, deputies found the victim's discarded belongings as well as a beanie Acquisto wore during the robbery.

Well known to law enforcement, Acquisto has an extensive history of crime in Sarasota County. Prior charges include Fraud, Burglary, and Possession of an Illegal Weapon. Acquisto, of 5617 Olive Avenue in Sarasota, is charged with Armed Robbery and is in custody on $100,000 bond.
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