Life Insurance
Fully paid for employee. Contribution required for family coverage.

Worker's Compensation
Complete Worker's Compensation fully paid for all employees.

Educational Assistance Program
Tuition assistance & reimbursement for furtherance of college education.

Paid Sick Days
9 paid sick days per year (maximum 72 hours). Up to 80 hours sick time awarded per year.

Dental and Vision Coverage
Fully paid Dental for employee, Vision coverage provided to employee with minimal contribution. Contribution required for family coverage.

Furnished to employee at no cost. Clothing and shoe allowance provided.

Fitness Centers
Unlimited use of three well equipped workout rooms for all employees.

Employee Assistance Program

Florida Pre-Paid College Program
State sponsored tuition assistance program for your children.

Florida State Retirement System

Career Service Act
Job protection similar to service coverage.

Paid Vacations
11 paid holidays per year (maximum 88 hours).

Optional Participation in Sick Leave Pool
Additional sick pay for extended illnesses.

Health Insurance Coverage
Partially subsidized health insurance.

Sick Award Days
Sick award days may be converted to personal or vacation time.

Tax Deferred Savings Plan